Saturday, October 16, 2004

Let There Be Light!

Yeah, I know, but I'll go with the classics for now.

Blog Mission Statement: To do something productive with my massive amount of procrastination time, other then run up the hits counter on Shockwave. (Surprisingly addictive.) And to describe the life of a normal Harvard undergrad, a garden variety nerd plunked down into this sea of complex and charming neuroses. To vent aboutour "retarded chimp" (tm Kos) of a president, and simultaneously bemoan and adore that group of 25 lovable idiots known as the Boston Red Sox.

Weekly Star Trek Review:
Hurrah for sewing up the AlieNazi storyline. Boo for killing off Silik, and beating up my Trip while simultaneously depriving him of
screen time. More next week, when there's actually more to talk about.

Looking out at my courtyard; at the rain which postponed the Sox game. Hmmm. Does it give us an extra day to prepare to unleash ass-kicking, or one day more to put off the inevitable end. Sigh. C'mon Braids. C'mon, Billy, Kevin, Mahky, Manny, Minky, Dougie, Tek, Trot, Petey, Timmy , D-Lowe (especially D-Lowe.). C'mon Curt, and especially Unfrozen Caveman Baseball Player. Do it for us. For the fans who defended your hairtstyles, your hitting, your attitude,who believed through June and July that you could get here. Break it open like we know you can.

God, I wish it was November 3. I'll be so glad, watching next year''s play offs, with no soul-draining presidential election. To only have one chance to get my heart broken. (Hopefully under President Kerry...hint, hint, Supreme Being.) God.....I came of age in the Bush era....I mean, I lived under Clinton, but my first real, true awareness of politics came during the 2000 election. Will I be able to handle ( knock on wood) being an adult under a non-Republican adminstration? Can I handle having decent people running the country, not having anything to rail against.


Hell yes.

I put on Johnny Cash's Ragged Old Flag, one of the greatest metaphors for America I've ever heard. And it gets me sad, thinking about all the potential squandered over the last 4 years. Thinking about how I felt, how we all felt , that Tuesday in the fall. And then it gets me mad. Thnking ow Bush and his cronies twisted that feeling, perverted it. To The GOP, Ann Coulter, Fox News: How dare you. How dare you accuse us of not loving our country. You do not own America. You do not get to decide what it means, what patriotism is. And you especially do not get to use it like that, to hide under it to spread you ideology of hatred and bigotry and greed. I will not let you, we will not you. We love our country just as damn much as you do, and we will not see you tear it down.
And then I listen Johnny sing the last lines about that flag and it makes me feel just a tiny bit better:

"And she's gettin' threadbare, and she's wearin thin
But she's in good shape, for the shape she's in.
Cuz' she's been through the fire before;
And I believe she can take a whole lot more."

It will take more than these small people to bring America down. We can fix her, we can and we will.

Phew. That was cathartic. . Promise not to be so serious tomorrow.

Campaign Shout Out:
Go visit He's the coolest muthafucking congressman on the planet, and a wonderfully good man we gotta send back to congress.(Yeah, yeah, I may be biased because I worked for him this summer, but go give him money anyway. And then go to The Daily Kos , and read ,and then give his Kos Dozen money. And if you can't, then volunteer, and remember to vote!!!)

Eee. Starting to rain really hard up here. G'night Boston. G'night Jersey.