Sunday, October 17, 2004

Game Three, Running Commentary

McCarver on Kevin Brown, count 3-2:
"He turns his back to home plate, but somehow finds that control."
Ball 4.
Buck: "He says , on a leadoff walk."

And I like Leiter's explanation of how Trot , as a leftie, could golf a home run off an ostensibly good pitch.

Ah. So fun watching "Brownie" flail."Kehhhh-vin! Kehhhhh-vin." (Although Manny's not in my good graces as of now.)

McCarver: "That was a tough play for Jeter." Dude. He messed. up. Just admit it.

I predict we're gonna have a fight tonight. It just..I dunno, has that atmosphere of that July 24 game.


Hee. Finally saw the slam-a-lama (pause) ding-dong commercial. It has managed to get Buck dissociated from the McCarver hate, and in my good graces. It convinced me that JB has a sense of humor about himself, which I don't think is true of McCarver.

Grr....getting really tired of that Big Fat Obnoxious Boss commercial. "Stick it to the smart guys"? As if we needed any more evidence of America's anti-intellectual culture. And why has FOX decided that TV viewers like to see people who went to Ivy League schools getting picked on? Granted, these could be really obnoxious Ivy grads, they probably cast for that. But they think no Ivy Leaguers watch baseball?

Argggggggh......where is out fucking advantage starting pitching? Where? Or any pitching at all?

Oy. 17-6. This is embarassing.

Sigh. 19-8. You just know the NY headline writers/ESPN writers will have a field day with that particular number.And we have no idea who's pitching tomorrow. D-Lowe, and then Pedro on Monday?
See, there's this voice in my head saying "Give up. Start thinking about next year." And then there's the small persistent voice yelling, "No, shut up we can win the next 4 games, easy." And I listen to the small voice. For I am a Red Sox, for I am a baseball fan.