Monday, April 11, 2005

I Love Everybody Right Now.

The sun is shining, there's baseball at Fenway, and we beat the Yankees today 8-1; all is right with the world.

*I love Tim Wakefield, who, 6 months after he got to start the first game of the World Series, got the second honor, richly deserved, of starting the home opener. And proceded to kick ass all around the park. 7 full innings, 5 hits, one run, 5 strikeouts, and 9 Yankees looking absolutely silly. He's made it harder for me to advocate his move to the bullpen, because both he and String Bean have kicked ass in their first two starts. Can we have both of them, and put The Fat Man in the bullpen? No? Damnit.

*I love his batterymate, for sending the first pitch he saw from Moose Mussina into the Monster Seats. We have, bar none, the best backup catcher in all of baseball. DOUGIE!!!!!

* I love The Buckethead, The Idiot, The Doofus, plain old Kevin, who keeps on that clutch hitting streak, and is determined to prove everyone wrong who says he can't play first competently. And continues on his mission of spreading the Man-Love of The Red Sox to every middlesex village and town....

*I love Chauncey, who seems to be at last coming out of his shell..maybe he just needed the lovefest that was Fenway Park today.

*I love D-Lowe, The Dave Roberts, MENDOZA!!!!!, and Curtis "The Pitching Frat Boy" Leskanic, for coming back and letting us show them just how much we appreciated and still appreciate them. Especially The Dave Roberts, who has not changed a bit, and is still the best cheerleader for any team he's on. Mienkie, Lando, Kappie and Pedro-I know you couldn't be there, but trust me, we love just as much.

*I love the Amazing Managment Quadrangle, and Dr. Steinberg, for putting together a Opening Day celebration which had everything, just the right mix of appreciating the past and looking to the future.

*I love the Fenway Crowd, for providing the funniest damn moment of the baseball season so far, by giving Mariano Rivera a STANDING OVATION. And sending me into hysterics. I even love Mo a little, for grinning, and being such a good sport about it.

*And finally two words: JOHNNY. PESKY. ( Also two more: TEDY. BRUSCHI.)

Next up: The Return of El Bloody Sock. The Big Schill. If we could keep today's good mojo going for the rest of the week, that would be pretty cool, guys.