Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bad Timing

Dear Sox-
Your timing sucks.
You reel off your 5 game streak, 8 of 9 performance during the exact times I cannot stay home and listen to you. When I am immersed in this silly thing I call "extracurricular life outside my room".
Then you drop 2 to the Devil Rays. The DEVIL RAYS! Whose owner pays them in hot dogs, then bans people from his private bathroom! (I may be kidding about the hot dogs, but not by much.)
I do thank you for Sunday, which I could actually sit down and watch. It may have been a beanball war diguised as a baseball game, but it was still entertaining. Even though Big Papi charging like a pissed off elephant is one of the scariest sites known to man. As is the simulataneous presence on one TV screen of Trot Nixon's Death Glare and The Eyebrows of Doom. (Belatedly: CUIDADO!!!! HALAMA!!!!!!)
But yesterday. The second day in a row I could sit and immerse myself in baseball. What do I get? An asswhupping. And not in the right direction. David Wells, you have been redubbed the Fat Man. "But I..." No excuses. You were sucking before the foot got sprained. You go sit in your room. And don't come back until you're prepared to kick some ass.
Sam has her Blue Cats Corner of Shame; I have my Cookie List.

Cookie List, Weekend of 4/23-4/24
Jay Payton- We all say, during a beanball game, "You know what would be sweet sweet revenge? A grand slam." And lord behold, you went out and did it. And you hustle in right field like you were born to do it. Chocolate Chocolate Chip.
Unfrozen Caveman Outfielder ( Beardless Edition)- 7 for 8 with a walk? Good boy. And you have cut down on the media whoring, which I appreciate. Sugar Cookie With Icing
Blaine Neal AKA BJBBD, or Big Jersey Boy Bullpen Dude- First you restrained Trot on Sunday, preventing him from possibly eye-lasering Dewon Brazelton into smithereens. Or something worse. Then, you were a bright spot in long relief on Monday. Gramma's Oatmeal Raisin
Billy Mueller- You've been knocked on your ass by the flu this past week, and yet came into pinch hit yesterday. Chicken Soup
Buckethead and The Amazingly Demure Middle Infielding Duo- No cookies People who strike out too much/GI(numerous)DP/play lackluster left field compared to Manny have not proven themselves worthy of the cookie.

There may be hope for redemption tonight, and Matty of The Neptunal Nuts (tm SGMB) will make it on the list. Hey Matttty....I got Peanut Butter Cookies......