Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Obligatory Late-Night Random Post

Mmmmmm......54 minutes till pitchers and catchers......god I am a sad, sad person.

Oh, it's on, baby.

Being the immature creature that I am, with any Sock that goes after the Yankees, I am spiritually right there at their back, yelling "Fight! Fight! Fight!" The only surprise is that this time it was Trot, who I usually set aside with Billy and Tek as the Silent Stoic Group, leaving Curt and Kev to do the talking. Yet this time, it was understandable. If there is one thing Trot is, it is a team guy, so talking about doing physical injury to Bronson would obviously not go over well. Also: A-Rod is obviously not as big a jackass as Sheffield, but dude? Using the example of not spending time with your child to brag about your training program? Whatta maroon.

Of course this will all go for nothing if we don't get another brawl. ( How bloodthirsty I am.) I personally hope we get a replay of the Game 6 thang, and A-Rod tries that bush-league shit he described, and Bronson goes namesake on his ass. That would be, to quote Mr. Eric Cartman, fucking sweet.
They might revoke my Boston sports blog credentials for this, but I cannot honestly give a good damn about the hockey season being cancelled. I mean, I feel sorry for the hockey fans, but otherwise.....

Whaddya know, I come on here, write for a while, and actually get an idea for a legitimate post. However, I'll keep my myriad (heh) reader(s) in suspense, until tomorrow. The subject: why the Sox must keep Bronson Cornroyo in the starting rotation......