Thursday, October 27, 2005

And There Was Much Rejoicing!

White Sox win their first Series since 1917?
Wooooo! And that's not a sarcastic woo, just a disappointed-in-the-complete-lack-of-offense-
by-the-Astros-and-thoroughly-impressed-by-how-good-the White-Sox-were woo.
Lil' Brandon "Not Arroyo" Backe was a complete badass on the pitching front. but it wasn't enough. I hope the rest of his teammates buy him a pony and a case of the beer of his choice to apologize.

And now?
Hot Stove.
Which will truly start in all it's terrifying glory when a certain management group GETS THEO SIGNED FOR THE LOVE OF PETE.


Whatever goes on in Sunday's game v. the Bills ( I have learned to expect absolutely NO-THING), Tedy is likely to be a part of it, and hell-yeah.

Y'all have something else to look forward to: next Tuesday, if I am able to find a digital camera, you will get to see me in the most absurdly homemade Jedi Knight costume ever. Oh yes. Fear it.