Thursday, October 06, 2005

Greatest Hits

So, since we got the sincere and painful ass-whupping over with on Tuesday, I guess the Sox decided to move on to track 2 on 50 Ways To Emotionally Fuck Over Your Fanbase. Namely, the "Start off Strong, Give Up The Lead In One Heartbreaking Inning, and then Completely Give Up On Scoring Any More Runs", Game.

Yes, I saw the error. And no, I will not bring myself to badmouth Mr. Anthony Graffinino in this space. I refuse. He's done so much for this team, fit in seamlessly, and done good with the bat. And he did not hold a gun to the Fat Man's head and force him to throw that second curveball. Call Tony my binky, fine. I don't care. There were also three more innings left to play. And the tying run in scoring position in the form of Tony when his infield compatriot grounded out to short to end the game. This loss is hung on the whole team, or hung on no one at all.

Wake will fix it. He'll come back rested, come back from last Saturday with a chip on his shoulder, or as much of one as Wake is capable of. Because he is Wake. God help me, I'm quoting Buckethead, but don't let us win tomorrow: Schilling in Game 4, and then everybody going game 5. Possibly even the Vegetable Mojo itself. They can still win this thing; may not be likely, but they can.

Or at least I really hope they do. Because if the Pats keep playing like last Sunday, I don't want to be left alone in the Sports Room with them. It'll just be awkward.