Monday, September 26, 2005

Willies, Be They Wordsworth Or McGinest

I confess. I was yet again a bad Pats fan this week. I meant to watch the entire game, really I did. But school got in the way. And while Willie McGinest might be really disappointed with me for only watching a few minutes of the first quarter and 90% of the 4th, not reading and writing about "Willie Wordsworth" will get me in trouble with She Who Must Be Obeyed ( AKA my Hist and Lit tutor.)

Anyway, thanks to an initially rocky but then solid defense, and a mostly stillborn but then-clutch offense during the rest of the game, watching the 4th quarter was almost like watching a whole game. A lot more than I wanted to be. Watching the Steelers work their way down the field with 2 minutes and change left, wearing down our defense, was uncomfortably like watching the Sox bullpen work in the 8th and 9th these days. Waiting for something to happen. Namely, the bullshit PI call at about the 5 yard line. Once that happened, you know the Steelers were scoring, no doubt about it.

But when they kicked the PAT, and there was still 1:21 left on the clock, it was like seeing David Ortiz come up with the basese loaded with 2 outs in the 9th inning of a tie ballgame. Though Tommy had a not-so great game up to that point, this is where he works, this is his place of business.
And then there was Adam. And that is all that needs to be said.
Except that someone needs to find a way to let Adam Vinatieri and David Ortiz produce a child together. Because it would be the most clutch baby in the entire span of human history.



Thank you, Starting Pitching. This is a very nice time to have this kind of stretch. Keep it up.

Tomorrow: GOING TO THE GAME! Back when I bought this ticket, I assumed the race would be close. I had no idea. But Wake's pitching, and our offense seems to have gotten it together again. So I go in a with a certain measure of optimism.

RODNEY HARRISON! I take my eye off you for one second.....This is what happens when I let people out of the closet. NEVER AGAIN.