Monday, August 29, 2005

My Mom's Computer is A Yankee Fan

Obviously. Because it chose to stop working right at the time that the Yankees pulled close, so that I could not exhort my team to do better.

I am writing this from the Reading Room at Firestone Library, so it will be short.

Red Sox:
STOP LOSING TO TEAMS AT .500 OR BELOW!I know you won the Tigers series, but losing a series to the Royals is just sad.

String Bean:
What happened to the All-Mighty Vegetable Mojo?! Squandering a 6 run lead is not worthy of the Mojo.

Thank you for fixing things yesterday. I, for one, will never mess with your cake.

Red Sox:


PS: When we get our compy back, I will be able to tell all of you of our family forays into Trenton, for MINOR! LEAGUE! BASEBALL! Including funny errors, kamikaze foul balls, and the quietest grand slam I have ever seen in my life. Also, the sheer terror of the Cotton Eye Joe Dance.

Off to make some money....