Tuesday, August 09, 2005

El 'Nino And The Buckethead, Plus Other Interesting Creatures

The "Tony Graffanino for Starting Second Baseman" Campaign has proceeded according to plan.
3 for 3, 3 Run Homer, 3 R, SB
Apparently my boy has a sense of timing.
Along with a talent for kicking a little ass and taking a few names.
Yes, I know it was only 6 months ago I was extolling the virtues of the Bell in this space.
I am officially a Second Base Skank.
And loving it.

Apparently tonight the quantum state of Fenway's atoms moved slightly to the right, into Bizarro World.
Because you know it's Bizarro Night when El Cabesa De Bucket gets a Web Gem.
But there it was.
Though it was more "Trip and Fall Under The Ball" than "Swan Dive To The Grass", I must give him the proper cookies and praise.
God knows I ride him hard enough the rest of the time, I gotta shout it to the rooftops when he does something like that.

To the "Classy" Fans of The New York Yankees:
You remember the "Chris House Incident"?
You remember the subsequent "Yankee fans are naturally classier, Sox fans are cretins , blah de freakin blah" that came from the general direction of NYC?
Yeah, no more of that, ever.
Why not, you ask?
Well, one of your "classy" fans, tonight, WHACKED SCOTT PODSEDENIK UPSIDE THE HEAD WITH A CLOSED FIST.
Living here, I know enough Yankee fans that I respect that I won't paint the fandom with one brush. But this incident surely implodes any claim of innate superiority that more idiotic fans may have.
Chris House may have been an irretrievable moron. But when one of your "fans" does something like that, Yankee fans have no tenable position from which to talk about natural "class".

Mmmmmmm.....football. Only three weeks away.
I'm getting antsy for drafting my FIRST EVER fantasy team. The Marauding Llamas.
*wait for it*
I got warm fuzzies watching the Battle of Mediocrity billed as the Hall of Fame Game tonight.
Watching the decent Bears running back made me heartsick for the Tailback himself.
And most importantly, I have released Mr. Harrison from his closet condo in time for training camp.
Wouldn't want to interfere with preparations.
Preparations for what, you ask?