Monday, July 18, 2005


I swear, I'm really not as bipolar as I may seem on this blog.
I just really have to learn to delay posting until about a day post-game.
Or else I get really maudlin and melodramatic.

The Sox may be hanging on by their fingernails like Timmy to a knuckler, but they are still up there.

And apart from Saturday, which unless proven otherwise I insist on taking as a fluke bad start by Matty, and the Inning Which Shall Not Be Named on Thursday, the starting pitching wasn't too bad.

For once, ( apart from Friday) it was the offense that stalled and sputtered. And that will not last for long.

The schedule reads six games with the Devil Rays over the next week and a half. ( Granted, there's the White Sox in the middle, but I'll ignore that for now.) Things have a every chance in the world to get going again. And after Curt's inning on Saturday afternoon, and Chadford's solid performance, I am more optimistic about our bullpen then I have ever been.

Boys, last time I yelled at you, twas back in May, before the Yankee series. And not soon after, you started playing like the Sox again.
So: Play Like I Know You Can. Are you gonna just take those defeats lying down? I don't usually go for this, but use the Dark Side. Channel your anger and frustration. Go beat up on the Devil Rays, and then show those upstart Sox from Chi-Town who the original Sox are.

A week and half's sleep is long enough. Get your asses back on track.

Win. Win. Win.