Sunday, July 10, 2005

And Now, The News

Good News: Matty Clement has been deservedly added to the All-Star Roster.

Uneasy News: The immediate cause of said addition is Roy Halladay getting whacked on the leg with a line drive, resulting in broken bones. Though he may be one of those pesky Blue Jays, he's a hell of a pitcher, and that shouldn't happen to anyone.

Shitty News: My employers at Generic Ice Cream and Candy Store fired me on Friday. Halfway through the summer. When no one is gonna hire me now since I have to leave in September. And the guy who fired me couldn't even tell me why, though I suspect they overhired for the summer. Because they suck and are evil.

I wish David Wells would beat them up for me.

Awesome News: String Bean pitched nails against the O's on Friday, 7.2 IP, 2 ER, obviously attempting to make me feel better. And it did. Because my boy loves me.

Sucktastic News: Miguel Tejada made Red Sox Pitching his bitches, Raffi Palmeiro beat up Wade, and the Sox offense more or less sleepwalked through a 9-1 pounding by the O's this afternoon.

Fantastic News, Part The First: The Indians hung on and beat the Yankees, on Old-Timers Day, pushing them back into third place.

Fantastic News, Part The Second: Ioan Gruffudd is still a sweet and sensitive hottie, Michael Chiklis is awesome, and Julian McMahon is very good at being evil. Oh, and and Fantastic Four rocked.

Split tomorrow? Please?