Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mike Timlin is Da Man

Why? His first save of the year yesterday. Along with his bitching goatee. He alone can pull that particular configuration off. ( Do you hear me Kevin Millar?)

*Also on the Goatee Front: I approve of the embryonic goatee-gote on the Big Schill. It bodes well for future facial hair. Maybe one day soon it will meet the Blue Fairy and become a real boy.

That? That was a double ringing for the dual homer success of the Bells, Dougie and Mark. Hearing Gary Thorne yell "Look out, Pesky Pole!" for Mark's brought back WS Game One Warm Fuzzies.

* Heard recently around the homestead : "Oh, I like it when John Olerud smiles, it's nice." And, "I had good feelings the moment I heard they signed him." My mother officially has a crush on John Olerud.

* Retraction from Last Week: Victor Martinez is from Venezuela, not the Dominican.

* There were a couple Indians and Phillies who had rather scruffy looking hats. But none shall ever achieve the level of the Trotter's Fielding Hat. That thing looks like it's sentient.

I know we're all kittens and candy about the win yesterday. But now: DO IT AGAIN!