Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Well, three games ain't exactly white hot. But I will take what I can get. Since it's the first of its kind in about three weeks.

Especially when the three games are the Sox at their best. Hitting, fielding, and most of all pitching on all cylinders.

Me, a week ago:
What baseball god hates us so much that he timed Wake and String Bean's slumps simultaneously?

And then Wake goes out on Sunday and makes me look stupid. However, 7 IP, 1 ER is the type of humiliation I'll gladly take.

Also, how cute is Wake running the bases and all avoidy with the tag? He runs the bases like Phoebe in that episode of Friends. Arms akimbo, flapping in the wind. So adorable. He's all cheered up with his boyfriend back behind the plate. Even when that boyfriend messes up his first hit of the night.

Matty? Back to being Matty. Pitching like they're going to fire him if he has a single screw-up. I hope they tell him they love him enough. I would.

And David Wells continues on his great quest to make me fond of him, this time taking a no-no in the 6th. I think my relationship with him is like Kristen's with Johnny. The more I try to dislike him, the better he does. So hey, Cabbage Head, I still dislike you. You think I'm satisfied with almost no-nos?

The Mannylito has returned. Three homers in three games? Oh, he's back all right.

So, String Bean? Your turn. You are to go out tonight and disprove my statement of a week ago. You are to pitch the way we know you can. Remember May 3rd? At Detroit? No-no into the 7th? That is the Bronson I fell for. And I know he's still in there somewhere.