Wednesday, June 01, 2005


JD sees something, another teammate, a wall, an otherwise stationary object, and he thinks "I wonder if I can move this with my head."
-Kristen, 5/17/05

Seeing Johnny Damon run full speed into the outfield triangle wall is bad. Seeing it several more thousand times over the course of the evening was worse. Especially when the Maternal Entity gets a good look at it for the first time, and makes an exclamation that I've only heard previously when I or the Sibling whacked ourself on something.

So you hear that, Red Sox? Y'all have an extra mother out there; right here in the Tri-State Area. Just something to remember before the next Yankees series at the Stadium. She might even make you some mashed potatoes, if you ask nicely.

And she likes it when you win, by the way. And we both like it when you smile and hit, Edgar. So good job on last night.

I, however, am torn. I love Kevin Millar; hell, part of this blog is named after him. But John Olerud has done his damnedest in his past two starts to make me love him. And he has almost succeeded. What am I supposed to do?