Friday, May 27, 2005


Imagine the above said in the manner of Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda, and you will get a small hint of the frustration I felt last night.

(Note: the following is written from the computer in the Quincy House Lobby. And thus no longer with ANY pretense of not taking it personally. Because taking it personally is more fun.)


Wade.....Wade. I write you and Matty that glowing post. And then you go out and do.....that.

Where did Saturday's Wade go? Has he been sucked into one of those Canadian bogs? Was there some sort of Canadian mind control which meant you could not control your fastball? 6 first inning runs? I guess you felt we needed to even out our stats in that department.

However, the pitching was not all bad....well it wasn't great, but Jeremi Gonzalez did as well in long relief as could be expected, 4 IP, 1 ER. Yaaay Jeremi!

And Jeremi might even have gotten a win. But that apparently, like the last two games, was not to be. As most of our lineup seems determined to do its best impression of marble statuary.

Except, and especially except, Edgar "Formerly Known As The Demure Middle Infield Chauncey" Renteria. 3 hits, 3 palpable hits last night. And like everything else for the poor guy this season, happening at exactly the wrong time, since no one else seems terribly interested in driving him in. Even when he steals a base. A GODDAMN STOLEN BASE. Which we never do. Edgar gets a cookie and a hug.

Maybe I'm setting my expectations too high? Should I just hope, pray and ask that we take at least one game of this Yankee series? That we avoid the sweep and keep at least a little of our dignity? I really think we could take 2 of 3, since Wake seems to always do the best against the Yankees, and get in their heads, and is our best match up for now against Johnson. And with the groove that Matty has been in, I would seriously take him against Pavano. Wells.......I will concede that game right off the bat. I make no pretense against not liking the guy. If we were going to pay a person to suck, I wish it would have been D-Lowe. And right now, D-Lowe's actually having a pretty damn good season.

I know we should get our heads out of last season. But if there was one mental tactic that the team should take, it's one that we need to use this weekend.
Win tonight. Don't worry about tomorrow, don't worry about the next AB. Focus on this batter, this AB. Win tonight, and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.