Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Delayed Reaction Revenge

Right now, there are a million or so people in St. Louis and its metropolitan area saying "WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE DONE THAT LAST OCTOBER?" And also, "WHERE WAS THAT MATT MORRIS IN GAME TWO?"

And as annoying as last night's game was to watch, I guess the Cards deserved to get a little revenge back. I just wish that the game could have been actually, y'know, competitive.

Because of the stupidity of media areas, I did not get to see ANY of Lando's return to the Fens, but I'm glad we at least took two of three. And it's very interesting to compare the respective returns of Lando and Edgah to their former stomping grounds. Lando's was, of course, ecstatic and enthusiastic. However, Edgar's was not totally negative. I think he provided some cognitive dissonance for Redbird Nation. They booed, but then they cheered, and then came the standing O. They resent him for leaving, especially for more money, but they can't dissociate themselves from the love they had for him for 6 years. Gosh, that sounds familiar.

Fast forward to whenever the Mets next come to Fenway for Interleague.....

Moving on,

-What baseball god hates us so much that he timed Wake and String Bean's slumps simultaneously? Sigh. Although, had the bats had any spark in them WHATSOEVER, that game could have turned out differently. Poor Edgar reverted to early season form, GIDP, errors and all.

-By the end of that game, I wanted to give Tek a hug and tell him repeatedly, "You are a good catcher, you are a good catcher..." However, I miss Dougie.

-Meet Mark Bellhorn....LEADOFF HITTER! Steve Brady's More CowBellhorn! campaign seems to have worked.... at least for a day.

-I like Matt Morris's beard very much. I dislike getting a complete game pitched against up. Especially letting him out of innings on 7 FREAKING PITCHES.

-Even when Trotter misses the catches, he is entertaining, with the tumbling and the rolling and the cap.

- Kristen is right. Jay Payton needs to be cheered for early and often.

-"CUIDADO.....MANTEI!!!!!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

-Stupid hustle-y David Eckstein.

-I can spell Grudzielanek from memory. I am inordinately proud of this fact.


They're not showing Game 2 down here, but that's okay, because tonight we get REALITY RED SOX ! Millar in a bathrobe! Tek with facial cream! Mirabelli in pinstriped Italian suits! And then ESPN is being so good as to show Game 3 on Wednesday night. And then, off to Wrigley.

So it should be an interesting week.