Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Seemingly Random Thingees*, All-Star Game Edition

* To the guy who yelled "Hail, Britannia" right after the moment of silence ended? Well played. That was kind of adorable.

* Does Mark Buehrle remind anyone else of that type of ruthless dead-eyed Russian assassin from the Bond movies? Albeit with a wicked changeup.

* Brian Roberts has such wide, dark eyes. You could stare into them forever and get lost. Maybe that's why he has "Hypnotize" as his at-bat music. He's really an alien come to take over the world, spending the first few seasons fitting in, and then putting his evil mind control plan into motion.

* Miguel Tejada is really fun to have when he's on my team.

* Said around 9:30 EDT: "Damnit! For tonight, I cannot despise A-Rod's girly batting stance. I can't wait until it's Thursday and I can properly hate him again."

* Vladimir Guerrero's plate coverage is simply not human.

*Neither is Ichiro's.

* And Bobby Abreu is just plain alien.

* Tito, around the top of the 5th, responding to Buck's question about late inning plans: "Well, I thought I'd bring Mariano out to pitch the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. You don't think Joe'll have a problem with that, do ya?"
My love for Terry Francona grows with each passing day.

*What I like: Kenny Rogers being booed out of the bullpen.
What I don't: Kenny Rogers giving up a two-run homer to Andruw Jones, breaking the shutout.

* You know what I want for Christmas? Brad Lidge and his nasty slider. Hell, I want him right now.

* And Mark Teixeira for my early birthday present. Theo, I expect you to get this done.


* I would have Joe Nathan's children.

* For once, I can cheer for Mariano Rivera and not feel guilty. And be impressed with a 4 pitch game ending strikeout.

* Our boys made us proud: The starters went 4 for 8, with several RBI and runs scored, and though it wouldn't be a Matty Clement outing without at least one walk, I am very proud of him, and I'm pretty sure Tek is too.

Now bring that All-Star mojo home, and BEAT UP ON THE YANKEES!

*TM Television Without Pity/Glarkware