Monday, July 18, 2005

First They Toy With You, THEN They Rip Your Heart Out

Of course Manny had to hit a ninth inning homer.

Of course Buckethead had to draw a walk.

Of course Cano had to boot a DP grounder.

Of course The Cap'n had to load the bases, with the score 5-3.

Because this is baseball, and the defeat wouldn't be enough without the theater, the Greek tragedy of it. Because this is Red Sox-Yankees. They couldn't let the game end and let us numbly walk off into the mist. Oh no. There had to be one last ember of hope, so they could stomp more deeply into the ground.

This stupid game. This wonderful game. It's like a drug, and I am its junkie. And the thing is, I don't want to ever kick the habit. Even with the lows like tonight, because I know the highs can be even sweeter.

It's just really hard to see right now.