Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hey You

Red Sox-

Because of my new job ( wooo!) I feel I have been remiss in my fanly duties this past week.

That ends now.

Praise and Cookies

The 8 Game Winning Streak - Very well done, boys, well done. The pitching was mostly there, and even when it wasn't, you guys were hitting crazy good, so it didn't matter.

Matty- You got back on the mound, said "Give me the ball", and that is all you had to do and say to please me. ( And apparently for Tek, too. Go buy him some nice gardening tools for Christmas.)

Tek- Well done man, well done. Now only 19 to go to catch Manny.

'Nino- I start, right here, right now, the "Graffanino for Starting Second Baseman" Campaign. 2 for 4's in every home and sparkling defense.
( And now I'll have to look out for Steve Brady's pro-Bellhorn guerillas.)

Rolled Up Newspapers of Shame

String Bean- You. Friday night. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT? ( That also goes for the rest of you. 12-5 would have been nice.)

The Rest of The Team Besides David Wells Last Night- I know it was Santana. I know you feel guilty about breaking Torii Hunter. But you did this two Mondays ago in Tampa Bay, and it was just as annoying then. Boomer is a bad ass. Boomer could pitch the ears off a gundark. But Boomer needs RUN SUPPORT. And more than that, Boomer needs PEOPLE TO CATCH THE GODDAMN BALL AT FIRST, ROBERTO PETAGINE!!!!!!!! ( Well, actually, Mike Timlin needed that, but I'm speaking metaphorically.)

*sigh*I miss John Olerud.

Randy Johnson screwed up last night, and you did not take advantage of that. This is unacceptable. When the Yankees screw up, you should always be there, driving the knife in deeper.
Gameplan? Salvage this series, and then get on the proverbial horse again.