Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Vegetable Mojo Rides Again

Well, for 7 innings at least, besides a little bit of an implosion in the 8th. And can it be any coincidence that it comes with another reappearance of the cornrows? I think not.

Even though the final score belies it, it seemed, briefly, that last night's game would be a pitchers duel. String Bean and Rogers were dealing, everyone was paying attention to their hotdogs.

Gabey put a stop to that, though.
This was, I swear to God, my phone conversation around the 3rd inning:
*Gabe hits ball very very hard*
*ball bounces of TOP of Green Monster*
*umpires rule it a double*
Mom(in MA): "Hi sweetie."
Emma:"The umpires need to be cut up in little pieces and fed to wolves."
Mom:"I know, dear."
(What can I say? I have a vivid imagination.)

One thing however, has blocked out much of my memory of this game:
ESPN, in a lull in the action, decides to show Keith Foulke in the bullpen,
with three of the managing staff watching him.
Me: "Oh, that's nice, Foulkie's moving well, throwing hard......hey, that guy's without a must have been hot...

Fortunately, the shirtlessness of our manager almost, ALMOST glosses over the sheer suckiness of our bullpen, minus Manuelito. I look forward to seeing Little Manny for years to come.

The offense apparently intended to block out the memory of the top of the eigth, too. By the end of it, after Kevin Gryboski both HBP'ed and walked in a run, I pitied the Rangers. A little.

But not when the 'Nino hit a bases' clearing double. And the Campaign rumbles on towards fruition.....