Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thank You, Real Life

First of all, RIP Sairey "The Cat" Milburn (a former contributor to this site) who passed away last Thursday at the age of approx. 13. I love you very much kitty. I miss you very very much.

However, in other news, I guess all of my mojo, good luck, and generalized hoodoo that DID NOT WORK for the Red Sox seems to have carried over in my non-sporting world. Which is pretty nice.

I am caught up on all of my reading for all of my classes, my one on one Hist and Lit tutor likes me, and out of four classes I have ONE (count em) ONE midterm exam. Which I did not realize until I thought about it today. Also, the Harvard Pops Orchestra has not spontaneously imploded yet, and I feel I can take some small sliver of responsibility for that. (Shameless plug: all of you in the Boston area, come to my concert on Nov. 11th. Lowell Lecture Hall, Harvard campus, 8 pm. It's about pirates. And there's a fair to good chance I will be dressed up or otherwise humiliated during it, so you can't miss that.)

So life is pretty good.

Perhaps I should give some of this mojo to the Patriots. Perhaps I should actually manage to watch a game all the way through. Which I haven't managed to do yet.

*Does Dance Of Shame*

Or possibly, give some mojo to the Astros. Apparently it is not only the Red Sox who DO NOT LISTEN TO ME, it is all baseball teams. After Lidge gave up that single to Eckstein, I distinctly told him to "fix this now". See what happens when people don't listen? Anyway. As they say, "Momentum's only as good as your next day's starting pitcher." And I am not really trusting Mulder vs. Oswalt in this spot.

To end this post on a high note...