Thursday, November 03, 2005

Can I Challenge Shaughnessy To A Lightsaber Duel?

It's high time to lift the atmosphere of somber that has hung over the Sox blogosphere. And nothing does that like self-deprecation plus costumes. Without more ado, the most cheap-ass Jedi costume ever:

Image hosted by

Theo's got his gorilla suit; I've got my lavender bathrobe.

Oh, and *finger-bone waggling* for actual postive Sox news: we will be hearing "Black Betty" regularly over the Fenway PA for at least another year. Mike "The Bullpen Badass" Timlin has officially re-upped . Which is good, since if he hadn't, on top of everything else, there may well have been a people's revolution focused on Yawkey Way, deposing Lucchino, and installing a populist junta. I feel confident in saying that it would have fallen under Michael Walzer's theoretical group of justified interventions. ( I will cite page numbers, goddamnit.)