Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things I've Learned This Week

1) Grapefruit juice and vodka, though it should be, is not called a Phillips Head Screwdriver; instead, it is called a Greyhound.

2) The best way to open a pineapple, if you don't have a machete, is not to poke it with the pointy end of a spoon. It is also not bashing it against a wall. The best tactic? Bashing it against the edge of marble sink. ( You see, the thing is Harvard students really aren't smarter than everyone else. We're just occasionally weirder.)

3)(hat tip to Kristen)

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Rookie Hazing is the best thing ever invented in the history of man. With Jonathan Papelbon running a close second.
(It's the near-unanimous High Socks which make it art.)

4) Johnny Damon?
When he calls this year's team boring? And implies that they hate fun?
He is completely full of crap.
(Because Beth, as always, can say it much better than I can. I'll just add, that while the 2004 team may have been Monty Python, this year's team seems like it will be the Muppet Show. A little tamer, less randomly absurd, but just as funny.)

5) We now know where Manny was for the past week:
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In the Star Trek Mirror Universe! ( With possibly a sidetrip to Jamaica.)