Monday, February 21, 2005

Warning: Extremely Girly Post Ahead.

Oh dear lord.

I just saw a NESN interview with two of the newest Red Sox, Mr. Miller and Mr. Mantei, both in civvies.

Now, I like Mr. Miller just fine. He's laid back, youthful, cute, and if his rotator cuff does what it's supposed to, he could be a bonified No. 2 starter, even an ace.

But Matt Mantei is, as they say on those Internets thingies, "TEH HOTT!!!!!!" With the spiky hair, and the goatee, and the spiky, and the pretty.....sigh.

I would have put up a picture to demonstrate the above thesis, but all I could find were the those stupid MLB headshots. Which, as Sam has ably demonstrated, do nothing for a player's attractiveness. And most of them were from his Diamondback days, so he had that silly purple hat, which made it worse. So you'll just have to take my word for it. He is teh hott.

He more than balances out the addition of John Halama, who while he may be a great piece for our bullpen, is a slightly weird-looking dude. ( To paraphrase Monty Python: CUIDADO! HALAMA!!!)( Oh no. I will now scream that every time he walks out of the bullpen for the duration of the season.)

Of course, position players arrived today, so the usual suspects have arrived to compete with the new guys. Ah, to see Billy Mueller shagging groundballs again. And to affectionately call Kevin Millar a doofus once more...for he may be a doofus, but he's my doofus. Papi's "You wanna take me on, bitch?" batting stance. The rollar-coaster ride of uncertainty and occasional brillance that is Manny in the field. Sigh.

March 3rd can't come soon enough.

Until then......CUIDADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HALAMA!!!!!!!!!!!