Thursday, April 13, 2006

About Last Night sucked.

Nothing was on; the Fat Man displayed none of the tendencies of say, control, or pitching, that made me not dislike him at certain points last year. Memo to David Wells: You may have pitched seventy bajillion years, in several World Series, and have a perfect game to your credit. BUT NO ONE IS ABOVE TAKING ANOTHER REHAB START IF THEY NEED IT. Fuck your incentive. That suck would have been better expunged down in Pawtucket, and with the arrangement of off days, we could have afforded it.

You were outpitched and outcooled last night by the Other White Boy, Lenny Dinardo. That should tell you something.

However, I am rational enough, and it's early enough in the season that I realize it wasn't compleeetely his fault. I was watching with a Cubs fan last night, and we were talking on what has been alleged to be the Cubs offensive problem the past few years. That they have had the power hitters, and the home runs, but NO ONE ON BASE WHEN THEY HIT THEM.

We had the home runs last night. Hell, we had a DUSTAN MOHR DINGER last night. However, the middle of our lineup was not the problem. Kevin? Mark? A combined 0-8 is not good, dearhearts. You were working Chacin, as you should, but nothing was coming of it. No table setting means the food stays cold. With table-setting, there could have been a lot more than 4 runs scored off Chacin.
(one happy note: I never though seeing a player take a walk could make me so, so happy. But Wily Mo managed to surprise me. :)

But it's April. And we're 6-2. So it's cool.
Tonight's another game. But you better win this time. Because if you don't, I will be watching 100 feets away. I will stomp down from the right field boxes, and teach you a lesson.
( Yes, all 5'4 of me. I'm feisty.)