Monday, April 03, 2006

Today, It's Not Tomorrow

I look out my window, and the sun smiles back at me out of a blue and balmy Boston skyline. As if to frame the day for what's to come.

Sure, the team themselves is physically 1500 miles away. In Texas where it's a relatively sweltering 66 degress, perfect weather for baseball. But they're here alright. In my new hat sitting brightly blue upon the the top of the dresser. In the strains of "Dirty Water" and "Tessie" playing over my speakers. In my itchy pointer finger hardly able to wait to check the score from the Chi-Sox-Indians game last night.

Today, and not tomorrow, all questions, pitching or otherwise, briefly fade away.

Today, Keith Foulke is the badass he was two years ago, ready to show all comers why goddamnit, he's back.

Today, Coco Crisp is not just a replacement, not just a centerfielder, but THE centerfielder, ready to erase all memories of that loudmouth in pinstripes. He's ready to draw of all of Red Sox Nation in his fond embrace.

Today, Jonathan Papelbon is the youthful pitching superhero, ready to carry the Red Sox bullpen on his broad shoulders with his oh-so-sweet smile.

Today Kevin Youkilis is ready to finally take his rightful place in the sun, to hear those chants of "Youuuk" for more than a couple days in a row.

Today, Josh Beckett is the second ace, the fiery linchpin of a rotation which could take on all comers. Ready to put all that intensity to good use, and blow all doubters away.

Today, Manny is Manny, and nothing else matters.

Today, Curt Schilling is about to reclaim his mantle of ace and number one starter, to take one of the league's top offenses and make them an object lesson in pitching aplomb. The Big Schill, back in the saddle again.

Today, Papi smiles his magnificent smile again, and is awesome in the ancient mythological sense. Adored by his followers, striking fear in the hearts of the opposition.

Tomorrow, we come back down to Earth, worry about wins and losses and ERAs and AVGs and statistics, and those things are important to be sure.
But today it's Opening Day, and our team is back, alive with possibilities.
Play ball.