Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jon-Boy, String Bean, and Tito

I find it highly unfair:
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.....that Jonathan Papelbon can both throw a fastball in the mid to high 90s AND look better in Kelly green than I do. Embarassment of worldly riches, is what I say.

I will manage to look past that though, since our boy seems to be finally getting his shit together, with that 5 innining shutout performance yesterday versus the Marlins. That he didn't get the win is immaterial. Well, not to him, since it probably would have been nice. But just the fact that he's improving and looking like the Jon-Boy from the middle of last season is enough for me. Makes this 3-something-1 Grapefruit League record a little harder to swallow.

The thing about Papelbon with me , it's something past the marvelous pitching and the adorablness. It's dare I say it, the fact that he's only 3 years older than me. I "get" partially the emotional state he must be channeling right now. He 's reacting how all of us youngens hope we can react to getting out into the real world. Even if that world of his is somewhat more fantastical.

It's gonna be really hard, when it comes down to it, to manage my established love for the String Bean, and my growing fascination with the Argyle Rockstar Pitcher (tm Sam), when it's time to throw one of them to the bullpen, or to AAA. The fact is, though Papelbon has loads more natural talent, they're very much similar birds in personality. Intense on the mound, but easy going, aw-shucks kinda guys in the clubhouse, who would cut off their left nut if it could help the team win. On a good day, the world as a whole is glad I'm not in Tito's position, but I especially would not want to have to make this decision.

But that's why there is Tito, and why FINALLY the Front Office gave him a much deserved raise while wrapping him up for the next three years. We all say sometime swe could manage better from our armchairs than he does. Truth is, would we want to? We'd love the glory after a win , but would we love the vitriol post-loss. Would our sanity last as long as Tito's has dealing with the agita of people like Pedro(godlovehim), Wells and Manny? Could we live with ourselves afterwards covering for the child-like behavior of highly-paid professional athletes? And would anyone put themselves in Tito's shoes having to make the roster decisions like he does?
But he does it all, with his charecteristic smile and snark.
So, he's still here, and for now, all is reasonably right with the world.
HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN EXCITED ABOUT THE WBC! Awesome stuff, even if the good old US of A screwed the pooch on Thursday. Who cares, when you have stuff like Cuba-Dominican Republic this afternoon? To see Papi like the rest of the world sees him: the scariest, the baaaaaadest motherfucker in town. (Oh, and a couple guys named Tejada and Pujols who ain't no slouches either.)