Monday, May 01, 2006

Short Hits

*This Red Sox offense makes the baby Jesus cry. (It makes me want to pull my hair out.)

*You see, Curt? This is why you LISTEN TO TITO about such things as pitch counts. He's a smart guy, nearly as smart as you.

THANK GOD. Nothing against Josh Bard as a person, but THANK GOD.
This may not really do anything for the offense in the long run, but it'll definitely help out Timmy, which is always a good thing. It is also, at the very least, a spirtual boost. Because Dougie won't let the offensive futility go by without a kick in the ass to everybody else.

* I resent everyone who tells me I can't boo Johnny Damon. Yes, he did great things as a member of the Twenty Five. I cheered him last year for that. And I will cheer him when he goes to another team or retires and comes back for Old-Timers day. But right now, HE IS A YANKEE. That overrides everything else; you wear the pinstripes, and with very few exceptions, you get booed.